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A Short History of The Cromwell Group, Inc.

The Cromwell Group, Inc. (“CGI”) is a privately held company with its corporate office in Nashville, Tennessee. The company manages affiliates operating 31 radio stations (6 AM/25 FM) in six markets (Decatur (8), Effingham (4), Mattoon (4), Vandalia (2), Owensboro/Tell City (8), and Nashville (5)), in four states (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee).


The company began in 1969 when Bayard H. Walters applied to the Federal Communications Commission for permission to construct a new AM radio station in Hawesville, Kentucky. From that station, which went on the air in November, 1972, we have grown by building new stations from scratch or buying underdeveloped stations and improving the facilities by increasing power and performance. The original station is still owned and operated by Cromwell Group. In total, we have built, or improved nearly 40 stations and consulted with others for their improvements.
In addition to the current markets, CGI developed stations in Terre Haute, Indiana, Lexington, Kentucky, and Peoria, Illinois. In these instances the stations became leaders in their markets before being transferred.
The Illinois and Tennessee markets became part of the group in 1989 and 1990. Since that time, as federal laws have permitted, the number of stations in each of our markets has been expanded to three or more. It is our intention to attempt to increase our exposure in each market to the extent the law allows to insure increasing opportunity as our competition and technology changes.
Our company employs approximately 150 people full and part-time. You are welcome to visit any of our stations in any of our markets. The WELCOME mat is always out.  Likewise, please welcome those who might be from other stations/markets. We’re glad you are with us. Our objective is to make a positive difference “where we are”. Our motto is “Local Media – Fresh Ideas”. This includes traditional broadcasting, social media and digital media. Our intention is to be available on any device a consumer might choose.

Bayard H. Walters


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